Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Notes and the iPhone

I'm still not sure about Evernote for the iPhone. The principle is sound - make text notes, take photo notes or voice notes, sync them and have it all available on your iPhone.

Trouble is, to sync you need wifi access, which you might not have when out and about. I don't know if it's just me, but I have a problem when trying to view notes on my iPhone when there's no wifi access, where I can see the thumbnail of the note but when I open it, I just get a blank page. Bizarre. Thers a thread on the Evernot support page that suggests deleting the app and re-installing, but that's not overly convenient. I hope a bug fix omes soon.

Meantime, the best other note app by far that I've found is Appigo's Notes which I've mentioned before.

It doesn't do photo notes, but it's got a great, clean and simple interface, and syncs (without wifi) to Toodledo. You can format your notes with bold, italics, bullets, headings, and change alignment. You can also email your notes, and if you have Appigo's ToDo also, you can create new to do tasks from notes. Think of it as a souped up Palm "Memo" app and you won't go far wrong. It's the best and easiest solution I've found so far. The integration with Toodledo, especially when using a desktop, and the ability to export notes (and to dos) into a variety of formats including CSV, XML, text and allegedly Palm Tasks makes it a very valuable app and one that should ensure you'll never lose any valuable notes.

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