Monday, June 08, 2009

New iPhone. The nattily named iPhone 3Gs

So the new iPhone has been announced, and all those pre-release blurry photoshop makeups of new hardware scattered around the web have been shown up for what they are. Blurry photoshop make ups. You can't have a matte casing, the chrome band is still there, it's still the same size it hasn't got a front facing camera...

It's a new phone in the same case. So what of it?

As an existing iPhone owner, the OS update to iPhone 3.0 available 17th June looks a no brainer, and I've covered what's in there before and bar a few tweaks that stands, and come 17th I'll be updating. Apple's run down of the benefits of 3.0 is listed on their web pages

As for the new hardware, I’m bordering between non-plussed and surprise that Apple really haven’t upped the ante that much.

Much of what both 3.0 and the new hardware offers can be achieved by jailbreaking rather than shelling out on a new phone (and a new contract to go with it), and that's something I'll seriously consider doing I think.

Personally, I don't think theres much that's really innovative here, and nothing that justifies Apple's statement that this is "lightyears" ahead. I’ve seen people on some forums talking about how “awesome” Spotlight search is (well it's OK, but hardly awesome), or how nifty that guitar app thingy is (D’oh). Video? Pretty much every smartphone (bar the current iPhone) can record video now - and you can do that if you jailbreak. Turn by turn navigation. Ditto, or buy a dedicated unit. Voice diallin? Again, most phones have been able to do that for years (except the current iPhone). Seeing a trend here? Give iPhone users what every other phone already has and they go Woo-hoo!

OK, battery life is allegedly better, but in day to day use, I don't have a real problem with the battery on my 3G unit.

The only possible “wow” factor for me was them retaining the 3G at a $99 price point. If that price point translates to the UK, the 3G might be a bit of a steal for people - especially as the 3.0 update is free. Otherwise I’m not dreadfully impressed, and I think I'll be keeping my eye on how the Pre does. Mind you, I've still got a year left on my contract, bu which time Palm might have released the Pre 2 (ok, maybe not), but Apple probably sure as hell will be gearing up for iPhone 4.

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