Friday, May 01, 2009

You wait all day for a bus, then 3 come along at once...

Well, here we are waiting (and waiting, and waiting...) for Palm's much talked about Pre to hit the shelves and how it's going to save Palm, and lo and behold, before we can get our grubby hands on it, Palm announce (allegedly), that they're going to release another webOS device, cunningly named the Palm Eos. This will be a small, thin phone with a front mounted hardware keyboard. The photos floating around the 'net at the moment look "well dodgy" and may well be a a Photoshop mockup. It's an interesting device though, and will no dobt appeal to many Blackberry users who might have once been addicted to Palms.

And then, with 2 nonexsistent devices in the pipeline (OK, the Pre at least has been seen and handled by some though it's not yet available to ordinary mortals), Shaun over at PDA-247 suggests that the time might be ripe for the Foleo, another Palm device that never saw the light of day to make a re-appearance as a webOS device.

That might be rather a neat call, but....what have we actually got?

One device that was formally announced months ago, and no-one knows when or even if it's going to appear. One device announced a couple of days ago that appears to exist only as a mockup in some software program. And one device that's already been consigned to the skip once before it saw the light of day.

Palm must either be incredibly clever, or incredibly stupid.

Rock on Palm!

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