Friday, May 15, 2009

iPhone battery update

I ran the iPhone battery right down as I said I was going to, and then fully charged again overnight. The immediate impression was that the battery was lasting a little better after that, but still seemed to be discharging fairly quickly compared to the rest of the time that I've had it.

Anyway, got home from Harrogate and the battery's been fine - back to normal, despite a seemingly comparable signal to the time I spent in North Yorkshire. Now either one of two things is happening.

Either I'm not using the device as much here as when I was away (I can't say I've consciously noticed this), or despite an apparently similar signal showing, something spooky is going on "up North".

It really is quite bizarre. At home, I have 3G switched on all day and rarely get down below 50% of battery remaining. During my time in Harrogate I had 3G and wifi switched off, and was getting as low at 10% remaining, complete with low battery warning.

Care to explain that to me?

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