Monday, May 04, 2009

I don't like cricket....I love it

It's been a busy weekend. As regular readers of this erstwhile blog will know, I'm involved in the local cricket scene, and since being elected Chairman of the club (mostly because no-one else wanted to do it!) last autumn it's been non-stop. By my reckoning, I'm now, Chairman, webmaster (, Under 15 Coach, i/c sorting club clothing (match shirts, leisure wear etc). My son also plays, and despite my dodgy kne and a constant threat to retire completely, I've even been wheeled out to play this weekend (scored 22 as well!).

It feels like I'm up at the club every day - and if I'm not there I'm on the phone, or email or text about cricket. This weekend I spent all afternoon watching our 1st XI, Sunday afternoon playing in our Welsh Cup game (with my son in the side - very proud), and all afternoon today watching same son play his second game of weekend in near arctic conditions.

I'm going to work for a rest tomorrow. Then, tomorrow evening we have a committee meeting, Wednesday is a night off (we have a senior Midweek match but I must remind my wife who her husband and father of her children is by showing my face at home!). Thursday the Junior league starts so I'm off with the U15's, and then Friday is another night off - before I disappear off to Harrgate for nearly a week with work. Blimey. Life wasn't this busy before..... so if my posts are less frequent, I apologise...

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