Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Well it's been 16 years today since Mrs Statto and I tied the knot. That day was a rather dull and wet May 29th, when it was supposed to be like today - gloriously hot. C'est la vie. Anyway, it's been a good 16 years so far, long may it continue.

I've had a cracking day. First up, me & the Mrs went to M&S to do a bit of shopping (partly on the pretence of getting each other a gift - neither of us had done so - not because we'd forgotten, but because we'd been so busy. Anyway, a few bob later and we've both added to our summer wardrobe, handy with holidays coming up in July. we also spoilt oursleves by getting some nice stuff for tea as we weren't going out (having been out for daughter's 12th birthday tea yesterday!).

Then it was off to garden centre for a few bits and bobs, although as is always the way it ended up being a bit more than I'd planned. This afternoon it's been gardening, which I really enjoy - I'm no Alan Titchmarsh, but I do like potterning about.

Then I was in charge of aforementioned M&S tea. Chilli & coriander prawns in garlic for starters followed by fillet steak - yum, plus a bottle of bubbly, followed by coffee and Tia Maria (Mrs S) and Metaxa (me).

To round of a great day I burnt a load of wood in the chimenea on the patio as dusk fell and the bats started flying about. There's something hypnotising (for me anyway) about a fire , and the lad in me can't help but poke a good fire with a stick.

Good day.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We've just spent a couple of days down in west, West Wales staying in my sister's caravan. I absolutely love Pembrokeshire as I think I may have mentioned before, it's a rather special place. The coastal scenery is stunning, and the flora and fauna rich and diverse.

This view of Greenscar island just off the entrance to Sova harbour is taken from the "Gribben", a small hill that runs down one side of the fjord like harbour, and is possibly just about my favourite of all places in the area.

The weather was kond to us. Bethan and I swam in the sea on Monday (bloody cold it was too - even with our wetsuits on), and we did a bit of "coasteering" (scrambling over rocks and jumping into the sea), whilst Anne and James walked along the coat path a bit.

Yesterday we drove round to the other side of St Brides Bay to Wooltack Point where the renowned islands of Skomer and Skockholm are a huge attraction for seabirds and those that wish to see them in their natural habitat. After that we went to Marloes beach (also pictured), a huge expanse of sand and rocks - so big, even with a lot of people on it it looked empty.

Ah, well, until the next time.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Christmas - if you want a Palm Pre

Palm247 are reporting that if you want a Palm Pre (and who of you that has owned a Palm device previously doesn't?) it looks like you're going to have wait until Christmas - and even then there might not be many devices available.

Looks like O2 have got the deal, so with the iPhone and the Pre tied up, they've got a big sector of the "consumer" smartphone market cornered.


Blimey, at last. Summer. Cripes it's been hot today.

Loverly it is too, and about time. Let's hope there more of this to come over the next couple of months.

I've been cricket coaching with the juniors this morning (checkout our website) and then after a hearty dinner courtesy of mother in law, doing a oad of gardening. Knackered now, and looking forward to a couple of days away as we're off to one of our favourite places - Pembrokeshire for a couple of days tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

3rd Gen iPhone

Hot on the heels of the announcement that the Palm Pre is going to be available on June 6th (on Sprint in the US) comes a rumour via the iPhone Blog that the next gen iPhone will be available from 17th July.

If you've been waiting to upgrade, you could soon have a very big dilemma...

Heatwave. D'oh

Can you believe this country?

It's been thrashing down with rain for ever, with gale force winds, and the good ole Department of Health is warning us about a heatwave, with top tips for staying cool. How's this for starters.

Paint your house white to reflect the heat. Come on, this is Britain, not Greece. Can you honestly see Mr Smith from 38 Acacia Avenue, Milton Keynes, rushing down to B&Q for an 8 gallon drum of whitewash because some twerp says we're going to have a heatwave? I think not. Here are the other "top tips".

  • Shade south and west-facing windows
  • Plant small trees and shrubs around buildings
  • Replace metal blinds with curtains with white linings to reflect heat outwards where possible
I especially like the one about planting small trees and shrubs. By the time they've grown big enough to shade us, I'll be dead or global warming will mean they're under water!

Let me know if you see the sun. No sign of it here in South Wales for weeks.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Palm Pre...coming....very slowly

The Palm Pre is coming. Honest. We first knew about this device back in January, and despite many dodgy YouTube videos and an occasional spot of one "in the wild", Palm have been keeping amazingly shtum about this device, or more specifically when it will be available.

That's led many to believe that in fact it might never really materialise, going the way of the famed Foleo, and you have to wonder about Palm's motives for not giving anything away in terms of release dates or indeed upping the hype about this, especially in the wake of the forthcoming iPhone 3.0 OS and probably next gen iPhone device.

Still, Palm presumably have a plan. And word on the street is that June 7th is the likely date, though whether we'll see it here in the UK then is debatable.

I have to say that what I've seen of this device (the glossy Palm website aside) which amounts to a few of those dodgy YouTube videos, I'm very impressed, and very much have the "want one" factor. It just oozes "hold me".

Sadly (though not too sadly) I'm tied to my iPhone contract for a good while yet, although that will give me time to assess real usability from the inevitable early adopters (Shaun at PDA247, Murray from Palm-Mac and Philippa (another 247 stalwart) to name a few).

I'm going to be particularly interested in things like signal reception, battery life and stability, perhaps Palm's biggest issues with their Treo and Centro ranges.

Purse an Owl?

Rumour has it that City's Darren Purse is to sign for Championship rivals Sheffield Wednesday, although the deal is not yet done.

Many people will be glad to see him go - he's proven a liability at times, and his style of football, is, well, crude to say the least.

I've mixed feelings. He's served the club well, proved far more passionate than many, knows his limitations, and has been warming the bench for most of last season. But he wants, regular first team football, and you can't blame him for wanting out.

He proved against the Jacks in our home match against them that he can still perform at this level, though he's too inconsistent for my liking.

If he goes, and he'll surely go somewhere, I wish him well.

Friday, May 15, 2009

New look PDA247

One of my favourite and daily visited mobile device sites PDA247 has undergone a radical facelift.

It looks sharp and clean, but personally I find the adverts a bit more obtrusive and the layout a little confusing at the moment. Maybe in time I'll get used to it, but it's a bit strange at the moment.

Luckily, the regular news stories and forum is there and all the old stalwarts who add their comments are still there too. It's a really helpful and informative site for all things mobile - quite refreshingly covering all mobile device platforms.

Keeper's everywhere

About the only thing you can guarantee about Cardiff City, is that they'll get through about 8 keepers a season.

True to form, having just missed out on the play-offfs, and sent on-loan glovemen Tom Heaton, Stuart Taylor and Dimi Cantstopalot back to their respective clubs, City have moved very quickly to snap up David Marshall from relegated Norwich.

Marshall has played for Celtic in the Champions League, and is well rated. He joins the only other senior keeper, Peter Enckleman on the playing staff. No doubt we'll get another 3 or 4 in before the new season starts...

Weather with you

Heard "Aggers" (Jonathan Agnew) the erstwhile Test Match Special cricket commentator mention this site today -

He was saying at 11am that there would be no chance of play at the Riverside today in the Test match after visiting this site and seeing the rain picture.

Guess what - he was right, it's a total washout today.

Nifty site - does what it says on the tin - provides a visual representation of where the rain is, and where it's most heavy. Could be quite handy

iPhone battery update

I ran the iPhone battery right down as I said I was going to, and then fully charged again overnight. The immediate impression was that the battery was lasting a little better after that, but still seemed to be discharging fairly quickly compared to the rest of the time that I've had it.

Anyway, got home from Harrogate and the battery's been fine - back to normal, despite a seemingly comparable signal to the time I spent in North Yorkshire. Now either one of two things is happening.

Either I'm not using the device as much here as when I was away (I can't say I've consciously noticed this), or despite an apparently similar signal showing, something spooky is going on "up North".

It really is quite bizarre. At home, I have 3G switched on all day and rarely get down below 50% of battery remaining. During my time in Harrogate I had 3G and wifi switched off, and was getting as low at 10% remaining, complete with low battery warning.

Care to explain that to me?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Home soon

All done in Harrogate. My work here is finished, so a quiet evening and then home after breakfast tomorrow.

I'll be glad to get back. Been on the go pretty much since last Tuesday, and frankly I'm knackered.

-- Post From My iPhone

Monday, May 11, 2009

iPhone battery

I'm away in Harrogate at the moment, and there must be something funny about the area. Since I arrived on Saturday my iPhone has been losing it's battery charge abouttwi e as quickly as usual.

At first I thought it might be beacuse it was struggling to pick up and hold on to a 3G signal, so I turned 3G off but it continues to lose charge pretty quickly.

I'm going to let the battery completely discharge as many forums suggest that a complete discharge cycle once a month keeps batteries in tip top shape. I on the other hand almost never let the battery run down completely and charge overnight every night.

I'll let you know how I get on.

-- Post From My iPhone

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Working away

Fairly quiet on the blogging front at the moment as I'm working away for a few days. Came up to Harrogate yesterday, here until Wednesday for RCN Congress. Long days, and if you're not carefull even longer nights!

All good fun, but tiring and really miss the family.

-- Post From My iPhone

RCN Congress

As some of my readers know, and some don't, I work for the Royal College of Nursing. This week is the big event of the year - RCMN Congress, this year held in Harrogate.

I'm here from Sarursay through to Wednesday helping with the registration of delegates and exhibitors - I have about 12 of my team down. It'll be long days and long nights!

-- Post From My iPhone

Monday, May 04, 2009

I don't like cricket....I love it

It's been a busy weekend. As regular readers of this erstwhile blog will know, I'm involved in the local cricket scene, and since being elected Chairman of the club (mostly because no-one else wanted to do it!) last autumn it's been non-stop. By my reckoning, I'm now, Chairman, webmaster (, Under 15 Coach, i/c sorting club clothing (match shirts, leisure wear etc). My son also plays, and despite my dodgy kne and a constant threat to retire completely, I've even been wheeled out to play this weekend (scored 22 as well!).

It feels like I'm up at the club every day - and if I'm not there I'm on the phone, or email or text about cricket. This weekend I spent all afternoon watching our 1st XI, Sunday afternoon playing in our Welsh Cup game (with my son in the side - very proud), and all afternoon today watching same son play his second game of weekend in near arctic conditions.

I'm going to work for a rest tomorrow. Then, tomorrow evening we have a committee meeting, Wednesday is a night off (we have a senior Midweek match but I must remind my wife who her husband and father of her children is by showing my face at home!). Thursday the Junior league starts so I'm off with the U15's, and then Friday is another night off - before I disappear off to Harrgate for nearly a week with work. Blimey. Life wasn't this busy before..... so if my posts are less frequent, I apologise...

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Heartache: Sheff Weds 1-0 City

City missed out on a play off spot after the were beaten at Hillsborough and Preston beat QPR. The 6-0 thumping by Preston came home to haunt Cardiff as they lost out by goal difference to the Deepdale outfit.

It's a gut wrenching moment for all City fans, who 3 games ago were looking at automatic promotion, but one point from the last 12 on offer is a horror end to the season, and ultimately City have paid the price.
Those late goals conceded at Reading & Birmingham to name a couple show what could have been, but it's another season in the Championship for the Bluebirds next term.

The only question remaining, is how many of the current squad will be there when we start again...

Gutted, gutted, gutted.

Friday, May 01, 2009

You wait all day for a bus, then 3 come along at once...

Well, here we are waiting (and waiting, and waiting...) for Palm's much talked about Pre to hit the shelves and how it's going to save Palm, and lo and behold, before we can get our grubby hands on it, Palm announce (allegedly), that they're going to release another webOS device, cunningly named the Palm Eos. This will be a small, thin phone with a front mounted hardware keyboard. The photos floating around the 'net at the moment look "well dodgy" and may well be a a Photoshop mockup. It's an interesting device though, and will no dobt appeal to many Blackberry users who might have once been addicted to Palms.

And then, with 2 nonexsistent devices in the pipeline (OK, the Pre at least has been seen and handled by some though it's not yet available to ordinary mortals), Shaun over at PDA-247 suggests that the time might be ripe for the Foleo, another Palm device that never saw the light of day to make a re-appearance as a webOS device.

That might be rather a neat call, but....what have we actually got?

One device that was formally announced months ago, and no-one knows when or even if it's going to appear. One device announced a couple of days ago that appears to exist only as a mockup in some software program. And one device that's already been consigned to the skip once before it saw the light of day.

Palm must either be incredibly clever, or incredibly stupid.

Rock on Palm!

Cardiff City Stadium

The Bluebirds new stadium now has it's own official logo. The stadium managed by Cardiff City Stadium Limited, and inspirationally called "Cardiff City Stadium" opens it's doors in July just over the road from the antiquated Ninian Park where City have played for the last 99 years.

The ground will be shared by the Bluebirds and Cardiff Blues regional rugby, and the naming of the stadium is a bit of an interesting point.

At one stage we (the fans) were told that one of the saving graces of the massive debt that City had accrued (£30 million+ if some reports were to be believed) would at least be offset by the fact the the naming rights were worth £9m. Yeah, right. Well clearly no-one's spent £9m on "Cardiff City Stadium". However, that may change in the future when it becomes inevitably, something else (how about the "Sam Hamman Dome" - remember Langston? Sorry - CCFC in joke, and a bad one at that)

Anyhow, the cynical amongst us (see the Thin Blue Line fanzine for one - a great read by the way) note that having cunningly called the place "Cardiff City Stadium", the Bluebirds have jostled the egg chasers slightly out of the picture, whilst the words "Cardiff City" are ever prominent.

Of course, the other take is that it's "Cardiff - (the) City Stadium", and the new logo above keeps that view by having the words "City Stadium" at one size, whilst "Cardiff" could be taken to refer to either the Bluebirds, or the Blues. Oh, how much clever politicking thought has gone into such a seemingly innocuous name and logo.

I bet someone paid someone £9m for that.