Friday, March 20, 2009

Yeek! iPhone home button problems

Something terrible has happened! I have problems with my iPhone. Today, suddenly, out of the blue I'm having problems with the home button. For non iPhone users, the iPhone has a single button bottom of screen, and this is used to close an application and return to the home screen, and you can also assign a specific action to it - mine should take me to the phone favourites on a double click.

There's no great trick to it. You just depress the button slightly and voila! Except mine doesn't work as it has done from day one. I depress the button and nothing happens. If I press hard - and I mean add considerably more force than I think I should, then it does work. But that's not how it's been working for the last 3 months, so I suspect somehow something has become damaged. I haven't dropped it yet - something I seem to have managed with all my previous smartphones, and I cannot recall any other bang or jarring that might have upset it's innards.

I'm off into Cardiff tomorrow so will pop into the O2 store (we don't have an Apple store in Cardiff sadly) on the recommendation of O2 customer support, and see if they can send it away to get repaired. Bummer. CS siad if they do send it away they should supply me with a replacement handset, but I'm currently charging up the Centro as a standby. Nice to see the old fella again too.

I'll keep you informed.

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