Thursday, March 26, 2009


Murray over at Palm-Mac has recently made it into the global Wordpop leaderboard. Without wishing to be overly smug (and I apologise if it comes over that way Murray), I related to him my best scores on Wordpop from my Palm Centro. I've since moved to the iPhone, but have yet to scale anywhere near the dizzy heights I achieved on the Centro.

So as you all know I'm not cheating (unless I'm very good in Photoshop - which I'm not), here is the proof.

If you haven't yet tried (bought) Wordpop on any platform, you're missing out big-time. It's a superb game, whether you catch 5 minutes, or the months it took me to rack up this score. What's more, Todd Sherman the head honcho seems like a very nice chap too. Always helpful and responds to emails.

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