Tuesday, March 10, 2009

WebIS have been developing an iPhone version of their comprhensive PIM software Pocket Informant, and have today submitted this to Apple in the hope that it will be approved and find it's way into the App Store. Of course, submiting an app doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to be approved.

WebIS say they've been working with Apple for almost a year to make sure they're playing by Apple's fairly stringent (and generally accepted to be hamstringing) rules, so good though this looks, it's probably not going to have anywhere near the functionality of the WM variant which has been around a long time, and subsequently had time to mature.

I once tried PI on a WM PDA, and found it OK, but there was so much too it, I eventually went back to the simplicity of the default WM PIM applications. I don't think that'll be an issue in this first iteration of the iPhone version - assuming of course Apple let it through.

The other interesting thing will be to see where it gets priced. The WM version clocks in at just under $30, so I'd guess even a stripped down iPhone version ain't going to be free of 59p, but then it probably shoudln't be. I'm one of the band that thinks dvelopers should get rewarded for their efforts - so long as the customer isn't being ripped off.

Anyway, fingers crossed on this one. I still wish Apple would open up their SDK a bit more though - I cant for the life of me see why they won't, unless they've got something up their sleeve for the 3rd iteration of the iPhone.

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