Thursday, March 26, 2009

Palm Pre will we ever see it?

Do you remember the Palm "Foleo", the companion notebook to Palm smartphones that never actually made it into the real world?

I'd forgotten all about it until I read a post on a forum about the Palm Pre today which made me chuckle.

You've got to remember that although the Pre was announced what seems like months ago now, the best we've got in terms of it actually being available is probably Quarter 2 2009 - i.e. any time between April and the end of June - unless of course they mean the financial year quarter 2, in which case it could be any time between July and September!

Anyhow, this post simply said, "Will the Pre be compatible with the Foleo?"

If you don't follow this sort of thing, it wouldn't mean much, but I thought it was a brilliantly funny post, and actually made me laugh out loud.

Of course, as an interesting follow up, Palm ditched the Foleo, and within months (or so it seemed) the world started going crazy over a small, solid state machine called the Eee. Opportunity lost? Wouldn't be the first time Palm, would it?

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