Monday, March 23, 2009

New iPhone in June?

The very informed "The iPhone Blog" is reporting the possibility of a new iPhone coming this June. Not a very great surprise, and mooted by a number of blogs and forums, especially following the announcement of iPhone 3.0 OS last week.

Although we've yet to get any real sense of when we're likely to see the Palm Pre, touted by many as the iPhone killer (bit over the top I think), many commentators feel that the 3.0 OS only really brings the current iPhone 3G up to par with most other smartphones (I don't - I think it still lags behind on some things, especially the calendar, where Windows Mobile, and especially the ageing Palm OS still beat it hands down.).

It would seem a logical step for Apple to bring out new hardware to accompany the 3.0 software update, although what that might offer is hard to tell right now. Only time will tell.

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