Monday, March 23, 2009

Life without the iPhone

Three days without my iPhone which is off being repaired (hopefully). No major problems this far. One annoying thing was that although I did a backup in iTunes before it went off for repair, I hadn't synced my calendar to my home PC Oultook, which means my Centro is devoid of an up to date calendar, because since I've had the iPhone, I only sync my iPhone calendar with my work calendar - the iPhone being the "master" . I could get therefore sync the Centro from my work PC, but as I'd have to get our IT dept to allow me to install Palm Desktop/Hotsync on my PC and all that that entails - and it's a protracted process let me tell you - I may as well hang on for the return of my iPhone. A bit of a pain, but I vcan manage for a week or so. Might actually have to think about appointments/meetings insted of relying on a device!

It's nice having the hardware qwerty keyboard back, but a royal PITA having to use Blazer as a browser again - let's hope to God Palm have sorted that on the Pre! The result of that means I've not "Twittered" anywhere near like as much as I do on the iPhone.

Snappermail downloads all my email accounts into one "inbox", something that Apple could learn from.

Going back to Quicknews as an RSS reader isn't much fun. Newstand on the iPhone isn't ideal, but it's much better than Quicknews - or any other Palm RSS reader for that matter.

The SMS application on the Centro is miles better than the iPhone app though - especially when combined with the hardware qwerty keyboard. The ability to know how many characters you've typed, a neat window, the ability to forward SMS (I know it's coming in 3.0).

Also the other thing I don't miss about the iPhone is having to navigate back through text using that damn pesky magnifying glass. With the Centro it's just so easy using the central nav. key.

All in all, I'm missing the big bright colourful screen, Twitterific, decent RSS. Still like Palm and the Centro though....

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