Saturday, March 21, 2009

iPhone update

Well I popped into the O2 store in Cardiff this morning and told the nice lady my home button was playing up. After trying it a few times, so she could see what was wrong, she did a reset. "Tried that" I ventured, but she insisted. Proudly she showed me the problem was fixed. "No it isn't" I said. It still worked if you pressed it hard, but I should be able to do the press gently like I've always done - not try to push the button through the back of the device. She got out her own iPhone, an original model and asked me to try that which I did. Hers was fine, mine wasn't.

So it's being shipped off to be looked at. And yes, before you ask I did do a backup last night, and just as well, because looking at the repair agreement notes, all handsets that go for repair will undergo "...a software upgrade (does that mean I get 3.0 before anyone else??? LOL), and will have any personal settings, ringtones, icons and graphics restored to factory settings".

She reckons the turn round time on an iPhone is about 5 days. We'll see.

She asked me if I had a phone to keep me going, and I said I did and wheeled out the Centro. She looked a bit aghast and said that you don't see many of those, and did I like it (and I said yes, of course). she also said they had some Palm's in, but couldn't recall the model - obviously going like hot cakes then!

Anyway, it's now just a case of waiting and hoping they can fix it - or give me a new unit, because I'm not having it back if it isn't fixed.

Meantime of course that means back to the Centro. It's funny how quickly you can forget things. Typing an SMS I kept double clicking the space bar a la iPhone to enter a ".", but of course a) it doesn't work on a Palm and b) there's a "." on the keypad anyway! Also, forgot that the Palm doesn't automatically capitalise after a "." like the iPhone.

With the iPhone SIM in, setting up the network settings was as easy as choosing O2 Mobile Web in network preferences. using the Centro is like putting on a pair of favourite old gloves - makes me all warm and cosy.

You also notice immediately the comparisons between the two devices.
  • Entering a calendar appointment is so easy on the Palm, AND you can make an appointment private! Yey!
  • Using Blazer is such a drag compared to Safari
  • Navigating one handed using a combination of buttons/screen on the Palm is still a pretty neat and swift experience, and it fits more comfortable in the hand than the iPhone
  • How I miss Bonsai, Docs to Go and the best (IMHO) SMS app going
  • GPRS is a pain compared to 3G or even wifi (not that I use wifi much on the iPhone)
Either way, whatever the pros or cons, it'll be fun using the Centro for the next week or so.

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