Tuesday, March 31, 2009

iPhone again

I've got my iPhone back after being repaired for a faulty "home" button. I'm not 100% sure what the problem was, but the return slip says that the "main board" has been replaced, so it must have been something fairly terminal.

Once home I swapped my sim which has been in my Centro for 11 days, and gotva messge saying I had to connect to itunes.

I connected my usb cable, iTunes fired up and asked me if I wanted to start afresh or restore from my last backup. I opted for the latter having been sure to backup just before I'd taken the phone in to repair, and about 20 minutes later voilĂ , a fully restored iPhone!


A few tweaks - all my email and exchange passwords had disappeared, and my icons were all over the place, but apart from that, which didn't take too long to sort out, I'm back to normal.

I've enjoyed my brief return to Palm with the Centro, especially the better (IMHO) SMS and calendar apps, but it's great to come back to the big, bright iPhone screen, decent RSS, HTML email, Twitterific and BlogPress that I'm writing this post with. Although I do prefer a hardware qwerty keyboard I'm typing this as fast with 2 thumbs as I would on the Centro. Actually, as an aside, I find if I type quite fast on the iPhone keyboard, I make less mistakes than if I type slowly, perhaps because of the pretty decent auto-correct.

Anyway, I'm glad I've got the Apple back in my pocket.

-- Post From My iPhone

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