Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pocket Informant for iPhone

I found out today via a post on PDA247 about the Quest for an iPhone ToDo app (thanks Alloafan) that Web IS who make the well respected Pocket Informant PIM app for Windows Mobile (and the Blueberry - sorry Blackberry) are not far off releasing a version for the iPhone.

I tried PI on a WM device I had once, and quite liked it. It was certainly very comprehensive. Given the iPhone's generally not very good PIM fucntions (compared to other "smartphones") this could be just the app that a lot of people are looking for.

I'm sure though that they won't have been able to overcome the inherent problems with most PIM apps, caused by Apples reluctance to open the SDK enough to allow background running , but the screen shots on the webiste (see the above link) certainly look refreshing.

The actual app by all accounts is just about ready. What's holding the submission to Apple for ratification is the sync side of things, but the Web IS blog assures us that this too is nearing completion.

I've signed up for email alerts on this, as I'll be quite interested to give it a run. No word on price yet, but I don't suppose this is an app that'll be given away at 59p!

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