Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's all Greek to me

We're off to Greece again this summer - though it seems distant at the moment! When abroad I always try to get stuck in with a bit of local lingo. I find it intersting and general the attempt is well received even if it's not very good. However, all that may change. I've just downloaded the Lastminute.com talking Greek phrasebook from the App store for my iPhone!

It' gives a wide range of basic but essential (and some not so essential) phrases, the Greek written version and the opportunity to hear the phrase being said in Greek. It's very clever and if I play around enough might get fluent enough to order my beer!

Even better, it's free and there are loads of other languages available too.

The only downside is the volume of the spoken phrases is quite low, something reflected in nearly all the reviews, so hopefully the developer might eventually fix that.

Otherwise, well worth the zilcho asking price!

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