Sunday, February 22, 2009

Got a Palm? Want WebOS? Try Teal OS

Can't wait for a Palm Pre? Well you can can get an idea about how Web OS is going to look by installing Teal OS onto your Palm device!

I've just installed a demo version onto my Palm Centro, and instantly converted it into a Pre! OK, not quite, but you get the idea. Actually it works quite well. It installs itself as the default launcher, although you can easily get to the standard Palm launcher if you want. Apart from that, it pretty much looks and functions in much the same way as the Pre Web OS videos I've seen.

The Centro's screen size and quality naturally limit some of the schmooze we've seen on Pre videos, but in practice it works quite well. In particualr the Centro's navigation key (something I miss dreadfully on the iPhone because it's just so easy to use) makes using this Teal OS a cinch fro navigating through the "cards". It's actually easier to use than a finger or a stylus, but then the Centro doesn't have a capacitive touch screen like the iPhone, and this does make things like the "wave launcher" that little bit more tricky to use - no doubt this will be much slicker on the Pre.

I've found it quite fun to mess around with Teal OS, and actually, it does freshen up the Palm interface. Like anything different, if you're a die hard Palm OS fanatic this will take some getting used to. But hey, give it a try. This IS the future for Palm, and Teal OS gives you a chance to get a preview before you can get your hands on a Pre.

PDA247 has a You Tube video clip of Teal OS in action

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