Thursday, February 19, 2009

Docs to Go for iPhone comming soon? Also Dataviz App Store

The very good "The iPhone Blog" or "TiPB" as it's known has posted a story that will interest all "serious" smartphone users. It seems that they've seen an early version of the superb "Docs to Go" from Dataviz running on an iPhone, including dare I say it, a copy and paste function. You can read their post here.

It's early days of course, and there appear to be issues with the spreadsheet part of the app and the story talks about whether Apple would indeed "let the app" into it's App Store, so it seems it's not necessarily imminent, but TiPB are very enthused by it nevertheless.

So would I be. I've been a long time user of DtG on the Palm platform, and I think it's a brilliant application, and I'd be very interested in getting this on my iPhone

Whilst we're on the subject of Dataviz, they've also just launched their own "app store". Clearly jumping on the app store type bandwagon, it look at first sight just like any other online store, but I guess the key for Dataviz here is that they're moving away from an entirely software based provider standpoint to a whole mobile software and accessories basis. Whether they can compete in an already crowded mobile store marketplace we'll have to wait and see. Bear in mind that being US based, shipping from the States will cost you, so you probably wont want to be buying basic mobile accessories from them if you don't live Stateside.

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