Friday, February 27, 2009


Whilst I'm promoting local Dinas Powys sport (see post below), here's a shout for my cricket club website (another one I developed and manage - it's a wonder I've got any time left over!).

Regular readers will know I'm pretty busy with cricket having been elected Chairman of the club for my sins last autumn, and the activity ratchets up another gear this weekend as the junior training/coaching kicks off in earnest. I'm look after the Under 15 side this year, along with our Club Captain, but I'll also be helping out with Under 11 and Under 13 nets. Then before you know it, the weather will be warming, the evenings will be light and outdoor training will follow and then the season kicks off in May. It's pretty much going to be cricket every day/night then. If I'm not coaching or managing the juniors, I'll be supporting the other junior/senior sides, and maybe, just maybe even get a few low key games in myself if the knee is up to it (don't tell my consultant and the physio).

You can check out and follow all Dinas Powys CC exploits on our website

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