Monday, February 02, 2009

Chops is a Bluebird - for the 3rd time

Cardiff City have re-signed Michael Chopra - for the 3rd time! After his initial spell ended and he was sold to Sunderland, you'll recall City secured him on a months loan at the back end of 2008. However the managerial regime changed on Wearside, and it appeared his future was back with the Black Cats. Today though came the news that most City fans (myself included) wanted to hear. We've got him until the end of the season, and it looks like, a permanent move in the summer. This little lot comes to £4m, comortably City's biggest spend on any one player, but if he stays, and if he scores half as many goals as he did for us first time round, it'll be a steal.

And what makes it even better, is that we haven't had to sell any of our "stars" to get him. This signals City's intent, and I'm dead chuffed we managed to get him back.

Still on a plus, me and Mini-Stats have got tickets for City's re-arranged 4th round tie against Arsenal at the Emirates. After tomorrows replay was called off because Arsenal don't like the cold (only really I am...) the match was orginally switched to Sat 14th Feb. Great thinks I, a weekend. Don't have to take a day off work and don't have to pull Mini out of school. So I rang up, bought my tickets. 2 hours later, get a text saying they've moved it to the Monday (16th). So I will have to take a day off work, Luckily Mini will be on half term. Why the late switch? My guess is that the Saturday match wasn't going to be on that well used telly channel Setanta whilst Monday 16th will be.

Up the City!

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