Sunday, February 08, 2009

BlogPress update

My preferred iPhone blogging app "BlogPress" has been updated again. This update promises a fix to the known scrolling and disappearing text issues. Strangely, these problems had disappeared for me on the previous update.

Installing - or rather updating this new version seemed to resurrect all those problems again. Not very clever.

However I uninstalled the app completely from my iPhone, and reinstalled the latest version by syncing with iTunes and this seem to have done the trick. Hopefully everything will be stable from now on. I'm looking forward to continued development of this app, as it's the best of the iPhone blogging bunch out there at the moment in my opinion.

-- Post From My iPhone

That's funny. Reinstalling from iTunes after uninstalling from the iPhone hasn't actually updated BlogPress as I thought it had. the Appstore icon is still telling me there's an update to BlogPress. I think I'm going to leave this alone for the moment, as the app's working for me without the update.

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