Monday, January 05, 2009

WordPop for iPhone

Those devilishly clever people at Smartbox Design have ported my favourite Palm game to the iPhone.

WordPop is a game where given a set of random letters you have to make words to clear the board. The longer the word the more you score. Simple. You can rotate the letters if you can't find any words (or any you like) and there are three levels of difficulty. You just keep going, and going, and going...if you can.

The iPhone version available in the App store costs a measly £1.19, and has been given a real makeover compared to the Palm version. It's an absolute steal at that price, and tremendous fun to play, either in a quick 5 minute break or at an extended session. I love it.

For the record, my best attempt on the Palm in the year or so I've been playing it is to get to level 175 with a score of 48,071 (Easy level admittedly) and my best two words were "zippered" at 230 points and "spherical" for 216.

Absolutely, highly, recommended. Really, Go and buy it.

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