Sunday, January 04, 2009

Testing BlogPress from the iPhone

Gosh it's so easy, too easy perhaps to buy/download apps for the iPhone. BlogPress is the second one today and the equal most expensive app I've bought yet at £5.99. I've bought it because I'm still looking for the perfect (or best so far) blogging app. iBlogger's not bad but doesn't yet support photos for Blogspot blogs like this one. BlogPress claims to do the job. Let's see.

Well it does work - to a degree. Although this looks a promising app - certainly the ability to post pictures to blogspot blogs unlike iBlogger rings my bell, there are some bugs in the basic editing part of the app. I'm running an iPhone 3g on the latest firmware. When editing test for a post, the "Write" screen randomly blanks out of all test and the only way out is to hit "Done", then "Manage" whereupon I get a "Save as draft?" message. Hitting "Yes" saves the post, and allows me to go back in to edit, but then the cycle starts again. Can't really recommend this App until this is sorted. I know at least one other user with the same problem, so it's not just me. Have logged this on the developer's website.

It's also bizarre that this is the first App I've used that bucks the trend of using "+" to add a new item (in this case post). I think, you just hit "Write", but that opens up an editing window with whatever you last edited, unless your last post was deleted as a draft or published - effectively there's no "New post" option, which seems very odd. The App info also mentions a "scroll bar" on the right of the screen, but what's the point of this on a device where every other app uses the whole screen to scroll? Odder indeed.

Shame that I have to upfront the £5.99GBP to find this out especially during the credit crunch (actually I should have listened to Murray), .

That last bit was a joke by the way. The bit about the credit crunch, not Murray.

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