Tuesday, January 13, 2009


How many notebooks do you have littered around your house? Loads probably. How many note type applications do you have on your mobile device? One? Two? More?

Murray over at Palm-Mac posted an interesting thought the other day, that actually the basic Palm "Memo" application is still pretty good many years on from it's first appearance. OK, there's not much to it. You can categorise a memo and that's about it, but for many people, that's all they need. certainly for me it was. I used the Memo app a fair bit on my Treos/Centro when all I needed wasto store a basic bit of info. More complicated stuff I used to store in the outliner Bonsai for which there is still no equal on the iPhone.

Since my jump from Palm to the iPhone I've been tryingto find the perfect note application. The iPhone comes with it's own native app, surprisingly called "Notes", and in many ways it replicates the Memo app on the Palm, arguably with a bit more functionality as it allows you to email the note. However, I find the app irritating, 1) because the background is yelly to try and make it look like a legal pad, and 2, the annoying comic type font that's used. Why can't they use the standard san serif font used everywhere else? Minor issues perhaps, but ones that bug me.

So I've looked around, and actually now have 3 different note apps on the iPhone.

YouNote by Sophiacom I've mentioned before. It allows text, photo, sound and freeform notes and potentially could be a great little app.

Notebook by Appigo is a more sophisticated and functional take on the standard app, and allows syncing with the web based "Toodeldo".

Finally, I've just splashed out (only kidding - it's free) on Evernote, which also syncs over the air to it's own web based host. Evernote allows text, snapshot, saved photo and voice notes, and appears huge value for it's free price.

I haven't yet decided which one is my favourite, but Evernote has the nicest icon! I'm probably going to have to choose one eventually, because I like things in an ordered fashion, and having notes/memos scattered across 3 different applications doesn't sit well with me. I'll see how I go, and report back in due course.

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