Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Luca from PDA Thoughts asked me on Twitter if I'm still enjoying the iPhone. The simple answer is yes I am. The more complex answer is that sometimes the iPhone seems so simple to use that I miss the limited amount of fiddling that I did on my Palm devices. The iPhone takes "idiot proof" to another level.

There's no doubt that with this simplicity comes a wide range of functionality and indeed power. For all but the most dedicated of "power users" the iPhone surely meets most user needs. For those needing significant document editing, cut & paste etc it may not - and the Soft keyboard does not compensate for a real hardware job if you do a lot of text entry, though I find it adequate for my needs.

Where the iPhone really wind though is you just fire it up and use it. There was a recent BBC article (I think anyway) that said there is a big problem wit many mobile phones these days requiring so much configuring, that basically people just didn't bother. At least with the iPhone you are spared all that.

Simple? You bet.
Simplistic? No.

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