Saturday, January 17, 2009

City frailty: City 1-1 Birmingham

City shoot themselves in the foot again.

After conceding a 6th minute extra time equaliser against Reading over Christmas, they should have learnt their lesson.

Today, after dominating a side pushing for automatic promotion, and having lead since the 61st minute after a goal from Jo Ledley, and looking good to take all three points, City conceded in the 4th minute of added time.

How Dave Jones must be fuming.

How the fans must be fuming.

How the players must be fuming.

City persistently lose late goals when leading, and to do it to twice, to two of the top three teams in the Division takes some beating.

Again, as with Reading, before the match I'd have probably taken a point away against one of the top three. But you can't win anything if you keep letting sides back in. When you're leading, especially against the best sides and by only one goal, you know they're probably going to throw everything at you in the final minutes. And if we want to be up there with them, you've got to be able to withstand it.

I bet every Championship manager's half time team talk against us goes along the lines of "....if we're one down in the last few minutes, chuck everything at them - they're always vulnerable in the last minutes".

Points win prizes, and if City can't learn to hang on to a lead, then they aren't going anywhere from this league, and certainly not the Premiership.

A very, very, disappointed Statto.

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