Wednesday, January 21, 2009


BlogPress for the iPhone has had an update. You'll recall that I was quite keen on this blogging app as it allowed me to post photos to this (blogspot) blog, but it did have some issues with some bizarre disappearing text when editing posts.

Anyway, the update professes to fix a couple of issues related to language problems rather than anything more findamental but I updated anyway.

It appears happily that the editing problem, though note documented as a fix is fixed. I've posted two posts containing photos including this one with no strange behaviour. Result.

There are still some things to sort out/add

Default screen text is a small font times new roman which doesn't fit well against the standard iPhone font for just about every other app in existence.

The ability to reposition photos appears not to work.

There's no easy way to add links.

But as work in progress it's getting there.

Out of interest, the photo is the headquarters of the Royal College of Nursing (my employer but not my usual place of work) in Cavendish Square, London.

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