Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The default iPhone notes application is pretty basic, so I've been looking around the App Store for a suitable alternative. And for the moment I might have found one.

YouNote is a free app, so you lose nothing by giving it a go.

You can record several different types of note. The bog standard text note using the on screen keyboard, a photo note ( is a photo as a note with some supporting text, a freehand note using your finger to draw -a bit like Diddlebug on Palm, and a note takes a screenshot of a web page and basically acts as a links back to it.

There's a couple of ways to view your notes on screen too.

Finally, you can back up your notes to your desktop. This seems a bit convoluted because it's an over the air sync via wifi not via iTunes. You don't get an actual straight copy of your notes on your desktop, but a zip file containing your notes as image files. Not perfect I suppose but it is a backup and not a working copy of your notes.

It's certainly got a bit more about it than the standard note app, and I feel has got some potential. Worth a try.

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