Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Yikes it's been busy. So busy I've haven't blogged since Sunday or Twittered today. On Monday it was busy, busy, busy in work, then home, tea and out to see Rob Brydon (pictured) at the Wales Millenium Centre in Cardiff. Very funny man - and, for those "Gavin & Stacey" fans amongst you (if not, why not?), a surprise appearance by "Nessa" (Ruth Jones) atthe end. Brilliant.

Tuesday was busy, busy, busy in work, then home, tea and out for my first meeting as Cricket Club Chairman. Big agenda, but I think it went OK

Today, up with the lark - well 7:15 for a cuppa, and then out Chrimbo shopping with my other (and better) half. My job was to carry the bags. In fairness, we didn't go overboard, and were done by lunchtime - only because she'd already done most of it herself! Nice lunch out, then home for a sleep (I know, I know - I was knackered). This afternoon once I woke up I've been following up some stuff from the cricket meeting (just like being in work really), and now it's almost tea time, and then I'm off out for our latest skittles match. Blimey it's all go.

In between of course I've been fiddling with the iPhone. Couple of things.
Firstly, thr ringtones that come with the iPhone are frankly, well, crap. No really crap. So I;ve been following the tutorial in a message thread here to get some decent stuff on, and it's a cinch. works really well.

The other thing that's happened, is that some of my applications I've added to the device have been failing to open. You click the icon, it opens the app (or looks like it's going to) and then reverts to the home screen. A quick google has suggested that this can happen to apps that are downloaded straight tothe phone, rather than via iTunes. The solution is to ensure they'r in iTunes, delete them from your device and then re-sync. Seems to have fixed my problem, but annolyingly of course you have to set up everything in the app again. C'est la vie.

the other thing that's happened is I've set the device to sync via Exchange to keep my work/iPhone calendar all neat and tidy and in once place. Couldn't believe how easy it was to set this up. I won't leave this on all the time as it'll probably drain the battery quicker, and an occasional sync with my work PC is all that's required. As an aside I haven't set it up to push my work email - that stays at work!!!

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