Monday, December 08, 2008

Palm 247 gets a revamp

I'm a long time visitor and occasional contributor to what was the Palm 247 site run by the venerable Shaun McGill. This site also had sections for Win Mob and Symbian and has been gradually evolving over the years. This weeks it's had a revamp as Shaun has relaunched it as PDA247, with specific sections for Palm, iPhone, Win Mob, Blackberry and Symbian to reflect the widening smartphone/PDA base out there in the real world.

A huge amount of effort goes into making this site one of the number one smartphone/mobile device sites out there (in my humble opinion), and it's well worth bookmarking and subscribing to the RSS feeds. It's a very friendly site. Lot's of regular contributors across a wide range of platforms, but always welcoming to "newbies". Highly recommended.

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