Monday, December 29, 2008


I normally post to this blog either via the desktop Blogger application when I'm at home, or previously when out and about by email. The problem with using email (any email application from a mobile) I've found, is that is doesn't handle text formating very well. The post looks great in the email app (and I've used Versamail and Snappermail on the Palm platform and the Windows app on the Win Mob platform), but when posted theere are odd line breaks which make the posts look tatty.

Anyway, Murray at Palm-Mac told me he uses iBlogger from illuminex so I thought I'd give it a try.

Downloading was the usual cinch from the App Store, after committing to pay a whopping 59 pence. The app itself is easy to use,m as are most iPhone apps, and all it took was for me to enter my username and password after selecting my Blog platform. All the usual platforms are supported, so if you have a blog, chances are you could use iBlogger if you have an iPhone.

The only downside, and I am frsutrated by this, is that for the Blogger platform that I uses, iBlogger does not yet provide the ability to upload pictures/photos. I can live with this, and the blurb in the App Store does say a future version will support uploading of pictures to Blogger, so fingers crossed this actually happens.

All in all though, a decent app I think.

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