Tuesday, December 16, 2008

DVD Catalyst

Although I wasn't an avid watcher of movies on my Palm devices - probably because of the screen size, I did occasionally pass some time watching a movie or two. I use DVD Catalyst to rip my DVDs, which costs around $20 at the moment.

It's fairly easy to use, and although not the quickest, does the job, and neatly, has the ability to rip to a multitude of formats, the iPhone included,

Stupidly, I'd not backed up my Catalyst install file, and ended up downloading a trial before I realised I hadn't got my original install file or a copy of my purchase email.

I emailed Catalyst support last Sunday afternoon, and by 10.30pm UK time had got a response with a link to the right download, and confirming that they'd found my original purchase info based on my email. Superb. I emailed back to say thanks, and got another email saying "no problem and "Happy Holidays". Great customer service.

Anyway, all installed fine, and as a tester for my iPhone I ripped Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith - a bit of a SW fan I'm afraid, ever since seeing the original SW about 10 times in the cinema back in '77.

Worked a treat. Some pixellation in brighter action scenes, but I'm not going to argue the toss about that. For me, to pass a while now and then, it does the job nicely.

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