Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Up the Dinas!

As regular readers will know I coach a local junior cricket side, and tonight we played our first Under 13 game in an indoor league against a far more established junior side. And we won - not by luck, nor by the skin of our teeth, but by a wide margin.

The boys had never played this sort of cricket before, and it's fast and frenetic, and to be truthful I feared we'd lose comprehensively against more experienced opposition. But it didn't happen.

In the 6 a side/10 overs per innings format our lads batted first scored 50-4 and then bolwed the oppo out for a mere 22 runs.

I haven't been as chuffed as I was at the end of the match for a long time. Quite brilliant. Well played lads, I'm proud of you.

Up the Dinas!

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