Friday, September 19, 2008


Not that it's been a particularly bad week, but I'm especially glad it's Friday. I've got nothing special to blog about, so I'm just going to have a general round up.

The forecast for the w/e looks pretty good. So good in fact we're going to have a barbie tomorrow, just to say we've had one this year!

The next couple of days are actually very quiet. Our daughter Bethan has dancing tomorrow morning but that's it. No cricket, no visiting, no other "trips" (as far as I know), City are playing away, so no football which all makes for a very unusual day or two.

Given the weather's actually been dry most of the week I can also get out in the garden and start thinking about planting my spring bulbs, and digging up my dahlia tubers.

Elsewhere the skittles season starts next week (hurrah!) although it looks like I might have to miss the first couple of games - there's a school thing on on match night 1, and I'm away in London on match night 2 the following week.

All quiet on the device front too. Nothing takes my immediate fancy apart from an iPhone and a Treo Pro or a Samsung Omnia, and as I can't afford any of them I'll stick with the trusty Centro which is proving a gem of phone, and does all I want of it. (Why do you want one of those others then asks my alter ego?).

Saw my orthopaedic Consultant today for my 3 month post op follow up. He's happy enough. Says I'm looking ok, although I may well need a full knee replacement at some point in the future, but he's not keen to say how long that might be. What he did say and I quote was....

"With someone young and fit like you (hey, doesn't he know I'm 50 next year and 2 stone overweight?) if I were you I'd stay away from orthopaedic consultants for as long as you can manage it"!

He did say it with a smile on his face though!

Hey, 50 next year. That's actually very scary. On thr plus side though, I guess it means I qualify for SAGA holidays!!!

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