Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Google Android

So, the much hyped Google Android phone, developed in partnership with HTC is upon us. Or at least it is if you're prepared to take out a £540 a month package with T-Mobile and are prepared to wait until Christmas to get one.

I think I'm underwhelmed by this.

A year or so ago there was much hype about Android and the competition this would bring to an already crowded market.

I'll wait to see the reviews, but frankly I don't like the design. On the face of it it's OK, but that slanted "chin" has already seen reports of it cramping text entry when the slide out keyboard is deployed. I've also heard reports about it's compatibility (or lack of) with certain forms of email, though no doubt it will work swimmingly well with Googlemail.

Watch with interest, but not too much anticipation.

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