Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gardener's World

Been busy today in the garden. It's been a beautiful day here in South Wales, with the promise of more to come, so it was time to get some serious stuff done. We've only got a little plot, but I'm quite proud of it and like nothing better than pottering around, though today was a bit more than a potter.

First up I pressure washed the conservatory (the outside of course!) as it was beginning to get a bit green here and there. Then I trimmed back some young trees that were starting to overhang our fence from the field next door. After that I dug up my dahlia tubers.

After a BBQ lunch (yes a proper BBQ!!! - in the sun and everything!!!) we went to the garden centre. I needed some autumn lawn treatment/feed, some sweet pea seeds, some string and some more tulip bulbs and a couple of bags of compost. Whilst I was there I also got some wallflowers and garlic.

Back home, treated the lawn, planted my tulip bulbs where the dahlias had been, and then planted up two or three tubs of daffs. After that, the wallflowers went in, and then I planted up the garlic - then it was time for a beer.

Now I'm knackered.

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