Sunday, September 28, 2008

Eee thoughts

I'm toying with the idea of modding my 4Gb Eee PC to run Windows XP. The default Xandros linux distro is OK, and I've been able to do some stuff via the command line, including install a couple of bits of additional software, and enable the KDE desktop rather than the default "easy" interface. But it's still linux, and I'm still predominantly a Windows user. Adding programes isn't impossible, but it's nowhere near as easy as on a Windows unit. And although it's not something I'd want to do often, because I don't get behind the scenes much in linux, I have to start almost from scratch every time because I've forgotten how I did it last time.

Lastly, the kids use the Eee too - and although most of what they can do, they can do from the "easy" interface, they're getting to an age where they might want to get a bit more understanding, and frankly linux would turn them off like a shot. They're used to Windows PC's at home and at school.

It is possible to put a cut down version of XP ona 4Gb ee. I've found one forum/thread where a guy reckons he's got his XP install down to about 400Mb.

I'll have a think about it - it is tempting. Don't get me wrong. I still love the little blighter - it's neat, light, portable and perfectly usable out of the box.

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