Monday, September 08, 2008

Cricket Tour

Well our cricket tour is almost over.
We arrived in Torquay on Friday evening booked in (after some drawing of straws to find out who had to share doubles!! - not me!!). Then it was out on the town.

Torquay seems to be a 'happenin' place if you're under 25 and want to get rat-arsed in bars where you can't hear yourself think. Great for most of our boys. Too much for an old git like me though. I called it a night about midnight.

The following morning I was "called aside" by the management about various complaints ranging from people wandering round the hotel in their boxers, trying to steal the hotel cat and attempting to light the gas fire. Quite how or why I should manged to be cast as the one with assumed responsibility for the tour I don't quite know, but I grovelled some apologies, said it wouldn't happen again (fingers crossed - still 2 nights to go) and gave the boys the riot act. They obviously denied all responsibility and said it was no where near as bad as had been described.

After a morning walk to clear the heads we played a rain shortened match in the middle of nowhere (a £20 taxi ride away) which we lost, but we did drink the opposition out of their stocks of beer.

Saturday night was 'mad trouser' night. Decked out in my chef's B&W checks we strolled into 'Tour-quay', which if loud and noisy on Friday had turned into Soddom & Gommorah on Saturday. I've never seen so many people tring (and mostly succeeding) to get rolling drunk in the shortest possible time. There are no real pubs here - just bars. I gave up again about midnight when someone tries to set fire to 3 shots of Sambuca they'd poured over a table.

Sunday morning saw some very bad hangovers. However, some were up for a pitch & putt session which was good fun. Then we played our second match of the tour in the 'Babbacombe Bowl' which was close fought but we scrambled home by about 9 runs. Some of the lads went home after the match. The rest of us had a few quiet beers - the town is a different place on the Sabbath - the obligatory end of tour curry and an early night. And that as they say is that.

It's been good fun. Some priceless moments,good company and considering the weather decent cricket. But just maybe, I'm getting too old for this.
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