Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why I won't be getting an iPhone just yet

I'd really like an iPhone. I don't NEED one, I just want one! But I won't be getting one - at least for the moment, and here's why.

I'm currently on a T-Mobile contract. It's one of their "Flext" plans which gives me an allowance of £34 monthly on any mixture of voice or texts, but costs me £22 (actually it's only £17 because I have a £5 monthly discount as a "valued user". I also use their unlimited Web 'n Walk plan, another £6.38 a month (all costs here exclude VAT) bringing me to a total of £28.38 (exc the discount) a month. Or £340.56 a year. Or £510.84 over 18 months.

An iPhone 8G version would cost me £99. Let's ignore that for the moment.

The cheapest contract I could get is £30 a month (£360 a year or £540 over 18 months) - more than my T-Mob contract and although that's unlimited data acces it's actually a stingy 75 mins talk and 125 texts. Like for like I can get another 32 mins or 65 texts out of my current T-Mob contact whilst paying less than I would on 02.

If 02 were to lower their tariff a bit, I'd be there like a shot.
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