Saturday, July 05, 2008

More eee stuff

Well, I'm getting on well with my eee (or is it Eee, or EEE?)

Using it is a cinch. The big, almost childlike icons lead you to all the applications easily and everything works so well out of the box.

Seasoned computer users though will want to know how to install other programs and this necessitates use of the dreaded "terminal" and command line interface

Worse, unless you're a serious "geek", chances are you've never used commands like this before. What's a "repository" for God's sake, and as for "apt-get update", what's that all about.

Luckily, there's a huge resource at that includes forums and a superb and monstrous wiki, so that even complete Linux "noobs" like me can have a stab at doing stuff.

Today I installed a Linux version of a messenger program. The eee actually comes with one by default - "Pidgin", but bizarrely despite the fact the eee has a built in web cam, Pidgin doesn't support web cams. D'oh!

Happily, aMSN, the variant I installed today does. It took me several goes, despite following the wiki religiously to get both the program and the in built cam to work, but it does, and now I feel like I've entered another plane. Not a Linux guru or even a Linux anything, but I've been where some fear to tread, and I feel very pleased with myself - even though I didn't understand any of the commands I was using or where stuff was being installed to, or how anything was happening!

Nevertheless, I remain hugely impressed by this little machine. It can't replace a desktop machine, but it's just the job for computing on the go.

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