Friday, July 11, 2008

iPhone issues

So the iPhone 3G is out. If you can get one. Reading various website and blogs, it seems that a lot of people can't get one. Or they can get an 8G version, but oh no, deary me the 16G is in very short supply.

"Unprecedented demand" the 02 website says.

Unprecedented my *rs*. I suspect Apple knew full well the demand and have deliberately held back stock. The O2 website goes on to say "everyone should be able to get one by the end of the summer". Err, is that end of July, August or September? October's quite summery sometimes too.

And then to top it all the software that lets you activate the darn thing seems to have been falling over all day. Bit of a bummer really. Bad for you if you want one (Murray over at Palm-Mac couldn't lay his hands on one), and bad for Apple with the media coverage about activation problems, though overall the usual media hype probably means Apple remains in the spotlight.

How come Palm can't do so well from something that goes so wrong?

I still want one, but won't be getting one unless I can get an unlocked one. I can't tie myself into a £35 a month contract (minimum). Shame.

Nice story too from Shaun over at PDA247 who tells a story about one punter who was a little miffed to find she couldn't get one in pink!

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