Friday, July 04, 2008



I sound like a Yorkshire drooling over his ferrets (apologies to any Yorkshiremen (or women) out there!

Actually I'm an Englishman in Wales drooling over his Asus Eee. I've been like a kid not allowed to play with his with a new toy in work today as I've waited to get home to have another go on my new mini laptop.

And firing it up, the excitement doesn't disappoint as I continue to be amazed by the simplicity of the interface, but the complexity of functions and applications in the machine.

I've already configured it to access my wireless network every time it boots, and to be able to print over the network.

I've stuck a 1Gig SD card in and managed to save stuff to it, and although I'm finding the Linux file system OK, it's a little different in terminology to Windows which is what I'm used to.

I'd like to explore the "Advanced" desktop, KDE Desktop I believe, but I think this requires a little tinkering with command lines, which I'll get around to, but it's a bit early just yet.

The other think I need to find out, so need to root around the 'net and user forums is how to capture screenshots if I'm going to do some reviews.

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