Monday, June 02, 2008

Customer Service 1

I recently posted about a customer service experience. Well, here goes again.

On 9th May I ordered some sports equipment online from this particular company. Having heard nothing (other than the transaction on my credit card statement) by 23rd May I rang them up.

After much to-ing and fro-ing, the person on the end of the line admitted they didn't have the item in stock but they could send me an alternate that day. I agreed and waited hopefully.

Today the package arrived. Right item, wrong size.

Rang them up. The person seemed flustered and started talking about return pickups, whereupon I told them frankly it would be easier for me to cancel the order, have a refund and nip to my local JJB Sports. They asked me if I wanted to cancel, I said "yes" and then they hung up on me.

Rang back, spoke to someone else who after some fussing around told me rather haughtily yes, they were cancelling the order at that minute.

Would have been nice of them to say, "OK sir, we'll cancel that for you now" before they hung up on me though.

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