Friday, June 13, 2008

Bluebirds stuff

So, after all the speculation the inevitable has happened. Aaron Ramsey, Cardiff's teenage wunderkid has left for Premiership pastures, and the wide open spaces of Arsenal's Emirates stadium.

The only debate really was whether he'd go to Man Utd or Arsenal. I suspect 99% of City supporters, like me, were hoping that he'd choose Utd, as they were the only interested party who had a loan back clause, and whilst we didn't want to see him go, to have him back for a year on loan, PLUS £5m in the kitty would have been rather nice. But it wasn't to be. Arsene Wenger must have promised him something that Sir Alex couldn't. First team football perhaps?

So, we've got £5m to spend. Err, no. We're still in financial distress, though no where near as bad as it could have been, and tonight's South Wales Echo suggest we're not about to splash any significant sum on a single player. Hopes are high that we might tempt Michael "Chops" Chopra back from Sunderland, and I wouldn't be averse to that, or Ched Evans from Man City, but he's apparently just signed a 3 year contract, so I can't see that happening.

On the playing front, the first round of the mighty Carling Cup has been drawn, and we've got a tasty away tie (not) to AFC Bournemouth. Might give that one a miss.

On the City novelty front, my wife has bought a brick for me. Not any old brick, but an inscribed one that's going to be part of the new "City Walk" at the new stadium when it's completed, that says "Simon & James Hiscocks - Bluebirds Forever". I'm genuinely chuffed to bits. Be there long after I'm gone I hope. I wonder whether it'll be difficult to find amongst the thousands of other bricks that will be laid, or whether she's the only one who's bought one, and people will be saying, "Who the hell is he?"

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