Monday, March 24, 2008

Video on the Centro

I'm trying to set up my Centro to play video. I've installed the TCMP video player (free) and used a trial version of Pocket DVD to rip a DVD. The file (an .avi file) seems to have ripped OK, and I can load it onto the Centro, however when I play it, the video is fine but the sound is just a random seried of crackles. This must be a codec thing I think as a video recorded with the Centro's own camera plays fine in TCMP.

Try as I might though I can't find a solution. I can find several references on various forums to people saying they're using TCMP with a Centro. so they obnviously don't have this proble.

I've tried a couple of versions of TCMP (0.66 and 0.71) and installed a couple to all the codec plugins available, and there's no difference. Very frustrating. I'll keep going though.

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