Sunday, March 02, 2008


I'm being harangued by one of my best chums Mike Baker aka "Stabber" for reasons I'm really unclear about, that I haven't mentioned him in any of my posts since this blog started.

So, much against my better judgment, here is a post about Stabs.

I've known him and his good lady Alison for over 20 years (scary). I first met him in a pub, and that's also where I've normally see him ever since. Unless he's in the bookies (not that I ever go into a bookie).

Here's the admission. He's an estate agent (that's a Realtor for you reading over the other side of the pond).

That's the good bit.

He's also a train spotter (seriously), and allegedly a guru on plate techtonics, although he rather has the gift of the gab (well he is an estate agent) so it's often hard to know when he's telling the truth or taking the Michael (so to speak).

'Twas Stabber that introduced me to the delights of Cardiff City, back in the days when 6 men and a dog used to watch them.

We play in the same skittles team, the Dinas Powys Athletic B, though neither of us can be said to be particularly athletic, though perhaps I shade it, even with my dodgy knees, arthritis and age.

This wholesome young man is also godfather to our daughter Bethan. She knew the difference between evens and 6/4 on and could order a pint of Brains Dark by the time she was three!

To be honest, despite all that he's a great bloke.

OK Stabber? I'll have that tenner now......

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