Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Smartbox Design - A Great company

I've used Wordpop on my Palm Treo for some time. It's a hugely addictive word puzzle game. When I moved to a Windows Mobile smartphone (non-touchscreen) I contacted Smartbox to see if it was available for WM non-touchscreen devises. Sadly it wasn't but what impressed me was a very quick response from head honcho Todd Sherman.

In moving back to the Palm platform (ah. happy days....) with the Centro I reinstalled Wordpop, only to find I'd mislaid my activation key. I contacted Todd and he very kindly supplied me with a new key, no questions asked.

He's also left a message on this blog in an earlier post where I'd mentioned Wordpop thanking me for using it!

I reckon Smartbox design is just the sort of company we mobile users should be supporting - they produce high quality software at good prices, are friendly and contactable, unlike some companies that are faceless and anonymous.

If you haven't got some Smartbox Design software on your mobile device, get some!

Image courtesy of Smartbox Design

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