Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Centro stuff

Ok, things are settling down on the Centro front, and I've had almost a week to get used to my new....well I was going to say "toy", but it's really far more than that.

The problems I had with QuickNews and resetting seem to have been solved by deleting that app and doing a fresh install.

The problem of slow email retrieval using the default Versamail persists which is a shame. I quite like this in-built app. OK, it's pretty basic, but then mostly my email needs are. However, it's not that much of a problem as I've already mentioned that I've installed Snappermail which I'd previously bought, and upgrading the the Premier edition (good rate against the dollar) means I can sync my Googlemail account too. I still think it's a bit off it can't do it with the Standard edition when Versamail can handle GM without any problem.

The issue of the touchscreen feeling not quite as sensitive as the Treo 680 remains. It's not a big issue, but I feel I'm having to press harder to get a response. Which brings me to the toothpick like stylus. It's just about acceptable, no more.

In use, in the words of the great (depending on your point of view) Ronald McDonald "I'm lovin' it". It's neat, stylish and very usable.

I'm getting used to the keyboard which isn't as good as the 680's, but is miles better than a standard keypad or for example the Vox's slide out keyboard, and the free KeyCaps facility makes it even better to use.

I've put Tom Tom Navigator on and that's all up and running OK. I've also installed my other favourite apps which are Bonsai, Diddlebug, eWallet, Resco Backup, Go Treo's Safeguard, Undupe which essential for removing duplicates as I sync Outlook across 2 PC's and Wordpop.

My one remaining bugbear is the included Documents to Go v10 from Dataviz. I love DtG, it's great for managing Office documents. The version pre-installed on the Treo is a trial version which you can register if you decide you want to keep it. There's supposed to be a registration code in the app which you activate- but mine is missing, and I've had no response from Dataviz to my 3 requests to get this sorted yet - the Dataviz support is pretty much web based now - you can't email them, and it'll cost $19 to phone them - I've submitted a web form for help, but it's very hard work to get there - you go round in circles on the web site trying to find out how to contact them with the site pushing you to their knowledge base at all turns - which would be OK if my problem was there, but it 'aint!

I'll let you know how that goes....

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