Monday, March 03, 2008

Mobile device stability

As a long time mobile device, be that PDA or smartphone user I'm used to the banter on various websites/blogs/forums about systems stability.

In particular, this often focuses on Palm vs Windows Mobile users and frequently invokes the "my device is better than yours because it doesn't require resetting as often" debate.

I was therefore pleasantly and rather smugly surprised when reading the manual of my wife's new Samsung J600 mobile phone (a standard "fashion" phone, not smartphone) to see the "note" in the manual relating to both starting the camera and the MP3 player functions, which says:

"The screen may appear blank due to electromagnetic discharge. Restart the phone if this happens".

Is this just a way of saying there's a manufacturing flaw and we can't be bothered to fix it?

Maybe we shouldn't be to hard on Palm and WM.

One more observation on this phone. It comes with 4 pretty rubbish message alert tones - and you can't add any more - at all. How poor is that for a modern mobile?

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