Tuesday, March 11, 2008

FA Cup tickets

I'm trying hard not to bang on about the FA Cup and Cardiff too much. Oh, all right then I will.

It seems City are guaranteeing everyone who turns up at tomorrow's home match against Hull a ticket for the semi-final against Barnsley at Wembley. I suppose it's one way to ensure a bumper crowd on what's forecast to be a wet and windy Wednesday evening when ordinarily we might expect no more than about 14,000 (oh cynic that I am).

Even better, anyone who buys next years season ticket before 21st March (yes you heard right....next season's season ticket and we're still in early March!) will be granted additional FA Cup privileges. I wonder what those can be? A complimentary prawn sandwich perhaps. Would be nice to know what additional advantages are before I fork out several hundred quid in advance of 14th April (the time I can get my and my son's tickets at the cheapest prices - and even that's early) will bring.

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